Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why does India need Data Privacy or Protection Law ?

Why does India need a Data Protection Law?
Apart from appeasing European Union for sharing data with Indian companies, One of the reason is
presently all Data of ours -Search, Emails, Chats of Google, FB, Hotmail, Whatsapp are stored in Californian Servers, USA Jurisdiction.

US Foriegn Intelligence Survivelenace Court (FISA) with a single penstroke court gag order can take all Indian MPs, PMO, Home Minister,MEA's etc Email data and Analyse them for leverage in Intl' Affairs, Thats a severe Threat, #privacy intrusion. 

Not to mention even the Locations of each Citizen,Official in India can be monitored by US NSA analysts as of now with #Whatsapp, Android Phones relaying data back to USA servers. 
Hence a Data Protection Law in India is a need of the Hour.
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