Saturday, March 21, 2015

India Cyber Security Summit 2015 - MY Speech

I was Speaking at "India Cyber Security Summit  2015" at Hotel JW Mariott, Mumbai before more than 240 august delegates . 
I Strongly feel, India can become "Cyber Security Super Power" if
1. Capacity Assimilating is done now coz capacity already exists 
2. Cyber Security companies existing are nourished as National Pride and new ones are incubated.
3. India marketed as "Cyber Security Products or Product development destination"
4. Efficiently managing world media by highlighting achievements India has in ‪#‎cybersecurity‬
5. Agreeing and relabeling this Ethical Hackers courses as Cyber Security Programs and recognizing certain recognized hackers as ‪#‎cyber‬ security professionals officially, instead of keeping them in dark world of hacking.
6.Making "Cyber Security & Cyber Law " topics compulsory in all college courses as every one uses computers , i personally think "Cyber Security has become the way of Life" and not a specialty which every IT User has to learn and take care of.
7. We all stop India Bashing and B Positive here i wanna invoke Swami Vivekananda by asking "What we have Done for Our Country"

8. Cyber Armageddon may not be a reality, but cyber espionage is happening in corporate world and they have private cyber army for doing this with competitors and sometimes they hire "paid Hackers" from countries like Russia.
9. When it comes to Cyber Security, Executives wanna Rely on "Security Solutions Product" and i feel product cannot ever give you peace full sleep, as vulnerability horizon is ever expanding  and Hackers test there own hacking tools on these Security Solutions Product first. The best way is to built a Cyber Security Culture and awareness amongst IT Staff and IT Users now that means amongst every single staff of the organisation & there family, thats the only solution to be Cyber Safe.
10. India Needs cyber command in its individual format, like Home Guards we have in India we can have "Cyber Home Guards" who will serve country when needed and are free to live there life when not needed but constantly sharpening there cyber skills and building there own network across the worlds virtually.
11. Having "Cyber Cadets " in our NDA - National Defence Academy and integrating all defence and statutory CERT's is what i m advising from last 6 years.

Adv. Prashant Mali
Cyber Law & Cyber Security Expert,Author and International Speaker


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