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Prashant Mali SKYDIVING Thrilling Experience in Dubai

Prashant Mali SKYDIVING Thrilling Experience in Dubai

16th October first day of Diwali festival in India, so when India started their Diwali celebrations i was booked for my life time experience at the Dubai Skydive i.e the agency which helps people sky dive in dubai. The cost is around Rs. 35000 which includes flying, diving and photography with storage device.
i was called to checkin at 12:00 had a long wait till 2:15 PM as i had a long rush before and a lunch break. I found many girls from Asia and americas and 20 percent boys strange but true. there 2-3 type of divers like professionals, amateurs and first timers like me. The energy in the camp is vibrant and radiant. Jumpers go and come back in regular time intervals, it is a 20 minute journey.
I dont know but i had a sheer determination and focus so even beautiful girls around me didn't bother me much nor did i was talking to any one. I waited for my chance to come, once my name was announced i found out one guy from mumbai with me too, i could than lodge my belongings to his bag as no lockers are provided.
The companion trainer and diver was allocated along with my camera lady. My companion name was Joseph Junior, he looked very serious types but confident . my camera lady took some videos of me and introduced her to me. A small electric vehicle took us to the close by airport or flying strip which runs into the ocean.
We are ready to be boarded in the plane , the air strip is noisy as the plane makes rattling noise of its 
turbo prop. In side the plane dont expect any air hostesses, its a bench type sitting on both sides. we were 15 of us, 4 were self jumpers. Every sky diver like me as 2 persons for support. first the plane flies almost horizontal and then suddenly the angle changes and some us slide down as it starts climbing. We can the picturesque buildings, the sky line of dubai below.

In the plane some are somber, some are preparing, some watching out of window and some are super excited for the jump of their life.

I was cheerful as if i jump daily, i had put complete confidence in God and my pillion diver . i was waiting for the experience

i was second in line to jump and i was prepared and tied along with my jumper, i got ready without a single point of fear in mind, frankly saying i never saw myself being so much patient and calm and that to 18000 ft up above in the sky. Probably i was feeling like Darr ke agey jeet hai.. there is a win ahead of fear. 18,000ft extreme jumps (altitude only available at CSC): approximately 90 seconds in freefall, 5-7 minutes under the parachute before landing 
i was readied to jump, my photographer went ahead to take my pictures and video of my jump, kudos to her coz when we jumped on chest she jumped on back to catch our jumping moments, she kept smiling and that made me smile to. you can see i was so tempted to jump.

After i jumped or sky dived few seconds were out of the world, the air guzzles around you as you go keep falling from the sky to the beautiful Palm islands. those few seconds are important if you loose your concentration and mind you loose the experience of your life and even the pictures taken of you will be spoilt. you need to focus on three things, what is your trainer telling you, where is your photographer and enjoy the fall and scene around you.

All good scene is accompanied with good amount of air pressure as your face is unprotected but your eyes are. The feeling of leaving the plane is similar to when you've just jumped on a trampoline and you're in mid air, starting to descend back down. It only takes a few seconds after leaving the plane for you body to reach terminal velocity. After that, it feels more like moving down a cushion of air. You can feel the pressure of the wind on your body. 
The scenic Palm, a man made island in dubai with the help of land filling is a marvellous treat to your eyes. Then comes a spin, which confused me a bit but was joyful.
The best picture which i have, where i was smiling as if i only smiled through the diving experience was one below. i even used it as diwali greetings and as DP on my WhatsApp.
One of the other scenes you see is the incomplete Dubai World islands, the other ambitious project which seems to be stalled as of date. the small islands which you see below me in next picture is the Dubai World project where there would be islands in the shape of countries.
The picture below depicts the pressure on my face, when i opened it to smile for the camera. you can zoom to see it. It's too loud to carry on a conversation, but not loud enough that you have to wear earplugs in freefall. You may be able to hear screams, but that's about it. Once the parachute opens, it's actually pretty quiet, with the sound of a light breeze. You will be able to speak in a normal voice with your instructor while flying the canopy
The best part is when the parachute opens and the fall stabilises, i small thud a pull and the parachute opens which also tightens your gear around you. It doesn't hurt. The harness is adjusted to you before your jump and tightened so that there's no real shock from it pulling when the parachute opens. Grab your belt and pull your pants up. It's about like that.You suddenly are in standing and then sitting position carrying your weight. The scene becomes awesome when the parachute goes around the Dubai skyline. I felt a bit fearful when the partner was loosening the harness, i felt like the harness would but cut loose and i may go down.

Flying, Diving and on parachute all experience are  highly recommended and i wish to do it again, i  had a perfect landing as the photo shows below, cleberating my triumph 

I have uploaded complete video on youtube and the link is below, enjoy and comment too

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