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Family Pornography & Child psychology

  I counselled a young guy who was addicted to masturbation                                                                  
He told me he can't do without masturbation. 
One thing that struck me in his confession was when he said, 'my mum caused all this for me'.
Curiosity got hold of me & I asked him, how? 
He said; 
he started masturbation since when he was 4 years old'; 
my mum has always been dressing  up naked  before me, I am used to seeing her nakedness. 
I am not moved to have sex with her but I always long to see mature ladies naked just the way I always see my mum dressing up naked before me.
I still remember seeing her nakedness regularly till I was 8 years & my dad do shout on her, 'send this boy out before you dress', 
but my mum would always reply by saying, 'will my son sleep with me?
Stop planting evil thought in his heart'.
Anytime I see my mum's naked body, I long to see ladies' naked body. 
I then went into sex at age 10 and till now I am not free from sex & heavy pornography & masturbation...'
Dear parents, I hope you are not guilty of this? 
You are dressing up before your 2 years son/daughter & you say he/she doesn't know anything yet? 
Thats very cruel. 
Some couples will be having sex while their close to 2 years old child will be in their room with them & we feel, he can only see, he can't understand.
Sir/ma, that your child does not need to understand.
Seeing your nakedness or seeing you and your spouse making love is enough to plant abnormal sexual fantasies and urge in that child.
Remember, it is a jet world! 
How will you destroy your own children with your own carelessness?
Don't let your children see your nakedness. 
Don't make love in the presence of your child no matter the age.
The scene sticks to the memory& they may want to explore & experiment what they are seeing.
Stopping making free  home-made 'sex clips or video' for your children to be watching.
Mummy, sit properly. 
Dress properly too. 
Stop sitting as if you are in the labour room; parting your legs for your son to see your inner tight & pant. 
Be careful!
Daddy, don't wear ordinary boxer at home that you sit down & your 'thing' is dangling & your daughter is seeing it. 
There are things you should not wear beyond your bedroom, just for your spouse. 
Don't say because you want to enjoy your freedom in your house. Its not your house alone, its a family house/home.
You are putting  your children into sexual bondage through these acts. 
Mummy, wearing ordinary bra around the house in the presence of your sons is dangerous.
Yes, they won't lust after you but you might be messing up and increasing their curiosity to see the breasts of ladies out there.

Let's stop being 'pornographic materials' to our children. 
Raising sexually pure children, it begins at home' 
My Counsel
Thank you very much for the issues raised in family porn. It is still our responsibility to build virtue into our family. We need to learn from others. 
Still on building virtuous homes. Look at this:
Please, carefully look into the list below to see where you may want to make amends on yourself or the young ones you are caring for.
Children, if not properly groomed may never get to the top in life, even if the parents are at the top of their career.
Manners take you to where your education can't irrespective of your status, money or the "who you know" factor. This is not meant to hurt anyone or pinpoint on someone for their upbringing. Its a general message targeted to all the parents of today. 
1) Going to your child's school dressed indecently? Think again.
2) Speaking rashly to your child's teacher.
3) Cursing, using foul words or swearing in front of your children. 
4) Using makeup on children.
5) Dressing with tight clothes and indecently for children (they loose the sense of their princesshood and may not listen to u in future)
7) Your child hold the cup or glassware by the brim and you don't correct.
8) Your children don't greet and you just feel they will come around one day because they have a mood swing. ( You will be blamed for it)
9) Your children eat with their mouth opened and you feel they will grow up some day. 
10) Your children bring home something you did not buy for them and you say nothing. ( that is the beginning of stealing)
11) They talk back at you and you conclude it's okay since you are a 21st century mummy. ( You will hate yourself if they do that outside and they are disciplined )
12) They interrupt when you are speaking with another adult and you think they are bold and clever. (Its really bad manners)
13) They exercise authority over their nanny and domestic staff and you let them be. ( that is bad parenting)
14) They say things like "my driver is on his way..."
I am not an advocate that children should call your domestic staff aunty or brother, calling them by name when they are not young people is not poise either. The use of Miss, Mr or Mrs will look good on them.
15) Your children don't say- 'Thank you' when they have been helped or served something and you are cool with that. (Bad parenting)
16) When your children cannot stand children who are less privileged.
18) When they pick their nose with their hands.
19) When they don't wash their hands after visiting the washroom.
20) When your children take something from the fridge without taking permission. (Bad parenting)
21) When your children don't knock on closed doors.
22) When your children don't collect from your hands the stuff you brought in as you walk in through the door.
23) When your children request for a bribe to carry out their home chores or extra task. (That is disgraceful )
24) When your children act like their grand parents irritate them.
25) When your children have not learnt to get up from the chair for the elderly or visitors to sit.
26) When your child tells a lot of lies. (You will both cry in the future)
27) When your child asks "who is that?" at a knock on your door instead of "please, who is there."
28) When your child is always seated by your visitors when being served drinks etc.
29) When your children still point their fingers at other people.
30) When your children play and jump around when prayers are going on.(age 4 above).
Dont be a 21st Century  parent who cannot correct a child. Train your child in then way of the Lord so that when he grows up he will not depart frm it.   
Please circulate to all parents and grandparents that are on your contact list

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Prashant Mali Authored Book Released by Hon. Chief Justice Dr. Manjula Chellur, Bombay High Court

Prashant Mali Authored Third Edition of Book "Cyber Law & Cyber Crimes Simplified " Released by Hon'ble Chief Justice, Dr. (Mrs.) Manjula Chellur, Bombay High Court . this book is Fore worded by Hon. Justice Madan Lokur, Supreme Court of India. Book is now available in High Court and with Aarti Publications, Fort

Prashant mali addressing judges in cyber crime investigation training
Prashant Mali Then addressed around 400 judges and public prosecutors ahead in the training program held at Maharashtra Judicial Academy

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USA Citizen arrested for sharing child pornography in Hyderabad, India faces punishment under dreaded Child Porn Law.

USA Citizen arrested for sharing child pornography in Hyderabad, India faces punishment under dreaded Child Porn Law.

US Citizen  Mr. James Kirk Jones, 42 Years old  has been arrested for downloading and uploading child pornography in Hyderabad on 17/01/2017, cyber crime police of Telangana confiscated the accused laptop and other devices, which had child pornographic content. Jones is an Hyderabad-based MNC Employee.

Interpol had tipped cyber police of telangana state about Jones and he had been under the cyber crime’s scanner then, this was after Interpol sent out information about his transfer of child porn content. Police traced Jones to his Madhapur residence in Cyberabad using his ip address. 29,288 items of child sexual abuse materials on the laptop, 490 GigaTribe profiles and 24 Twitter handles/profiles sharing child pornography as well as an iPhone and an external hard drive containing adult pornography was found in the raid.

Jones confessed to investigators that he had been watching child pornography since he was a child.
Section 67(B) of The IT Act,2000 is slapped on him, which is a Non-Bailable offence and attracts stringent up to 7 Years of Imprisonment with up to 1Million Rupees in Penalty.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cyber Stalking 354D Fastest Decided Case in India

India's fastest decided Cyber Stalking Case under IPC 354D for Sending Obscene messages on WhatsApp and Talking Obscene on Phone. 

The Story:
Mr. Atul Ganesh Patil use to work as a Security Guard in  company called "Motherson" which manufactures Bumpers of car and is located in Chakan MIDC near Pune in Maharashtra. The Victim girl had come for job interview and at the entry had written down her personal mobile Number in the entry Register. The young guard who is resident of Yavatmal District and worked in Chakan, copied down the number from register, saved it in his mobile and started sending obscene WhatsApp messages from his mobile phone and even called her to talk obscene things thereby committing crime of stalking on her. Technically i feel had committed two more crimes i.e Data Theft and Breach of Privacy. I have seen such crimes happening across India, where the cell number is obtained and girls are chased, i see after digital payments have increased and for digital wallet purpose cell phones are shared, privacy compromise via mobile number sharing has increased in India. 
In this case, Victim blocked this convicted guard on her phone and social media. The desperate guard then started chasing her by sending obscene messages from his friends and known person mobile phones.
Police traced all these phones.
These all people whose Cyber stalking case law cyber law cyber crime obscenity case law WhatsApp case law state v Patil phones were used to send messages were made witness and later the accused Guard also accepted his crime. Judge pronounced his Order in open court .

Case Details: 
"State Vs Atul Ganesh Patil"
The FIR No. 17/17 was registered in Chakan Police Station on 10/01/2017 
near Pune.
Case decided and conviction ordered in 48 Hours. 
The investigation was done in 24 Hours and  recording of 5 Witness also was completed today on 11/01/2017. 
Today itself, punishment for 2 years rigorous imprisonment and Rs.500/- fine was pronounced in Khed (Rajguru Nagar) JMFC Court near Pune in the state of Maharashtra in India which Presided by Judge Mr. Y J Tamboli. 

What is Section 354 D of The Indian Penal Code
(1) Any man who—
i.         follows a woman and contacts, or attempts to contact such woman to foster personal interaction repeatedly despite a clear indication of disinterest by such woman; or
ii.         monitors the use by a woman of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication, commits the offence of stalking;

Provided that such conduct shall not amount to stalking if the man who pursued it proves that—
i.         it was pursued for the purpose of preventing or detecting crime and the man accused of stalking had been entrusted with the responsibility of prevention and detection of crime by the State; or
ii.         it was pursued under any law or to comply with any condition or requirement imposed by any person under any law; or
iii.         in the particular circumstances such conduct was reasonable and justified.
(2) Whoever commits the offence of stalking shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine; and be punished on a second or subsequent conviction, with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, and shall also be liable to fine.

Classification under schedule 1 of CrPC
1. Upto 3 years + Fine for first conviction and is Bailable
2. Upto 5 years + Fine for second or subsequent conviction and is Non-Bailable
Composition under Section 320 of CrPC
Offence in Non Compoundable

Case Laws other than above for 354 D

1. Dara Singh And Another vs State Of U.P. on 17 June, 2016
Bench: Amar Singh Chauhan, Allahabad HC
2. Aarti Katiyar   Vs.  State of Raj.  S. B. Cr.  MISC. PETITION  NO. 3463/2013, Rajasthan HC

What do we mean by a “right of privacy”?

Justice Cooley in 1888 defined it simply as a right to be left alone. Alternatively, it may be defined as a right to be anonymous. The two definitions are quite different but both are important, and the right to be anonymous is a form of privacy that has particularly significant implications in cyberspace. In legal terms, our right of privacy amounts to a right to be free from government intrusion into certain areas of our lives and a right to be free from intrusion by other individuals into our “private” lives. In India, the former is protected largely through Constitutional interpretation and a number of statutes; the latter is protected largely through the law under tort principles.

Advocate Prashant Mali
International Cyber Crime Lawyer
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