Thursday, October 13, 2016

What is SIPRnet?

What is SIPRnet?

SIPRNet, or Secret Internet Protocol Router Network, is a global United States military network system used for transmitting classified information, intelligence, targets, and messages at the secret level.

SIPRnet support the various system such as the Global command systems and defense messaging system and also some other important planning documents over the secure path. it is based on the some method that are use for ordinary internet access but the main difference is that it has some dedicated path lines that are not seen in other communication systems. These lines are responsible for managing the secure communication with highly authenticated user access. 
In other words, SIPRNet is completely parallel Internet, uses the same communications procedures and has been kept separate from the ordinary civilian Internet.

Approximately 3 Million people with secret clearances have access to SIPRNet, which includes Pentagon and military officials, Intelligence agencies, FBI, as well as diplomats in US embassies all around the World.

Registration procedure applied is quite lengthy. all the linked users need to be properly registered with full fledged records in internal data sheets and all the passwords must be changed and must be updated after every 150 days otherwise access will be not granted to the users. password less than 10 characters are to acceptable d they must be the combination of alphanumeric sequences and Capital sequences but now more strict rules  are applied which include passwords of 10 characters with at least two numbers, two letters in lower case., tow letters in upper case and two specials characters. Although special characters are not allowed to be a password in of the systems other than SIPRnet. During the consistent access users are not allowed to leave the system at once or unattended.Some other strict habits involved the use of fixed secondary stage media in which a hard rives can’t be removed to make sure the Secrecy level of data by assuring the single location storage. this require proper marking of the hardware storage during the registration procedure. Use of the improper storage media such as floppy, compact disks and memory stacks results in violation of the strict rules that may cause 5 month prison. Improved technologies have made it easier for the SIPRnet to locate the safest form of data storage devices fro instance device like PDA personal digital assistants, Memory watches sand key chain drives, these device can’t be the classified type by h SIPRnet. This is the main reason that these device are not allowed din the section with infra red detection o classified items. For the computer systems that are installed for processing the classified information it is recommended that they should not use port beaming capability.

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