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What precautions Bank Customers need to take against frauds

What precautions Bank Customers need to take against frauds
.. Adv. Prashant Mali, Cyber Security & Law Expert
1. Hold extra money in fixed Deposits and with written instructions to bank that no online Fd transfers.
2. Avoid any banking over phone lots of Vishing scams are happening, it is better to keep the phone down when some one says calling from bank. Till the scams are weeded out by banks or police.
3. If your SIM is deactivated, it normally happens on weekends, immediately call the bank from another phone and freeze you bank account, coz SIM exchange fraud may be happening.
4. Change your PIN number and passwords today, they are already leaked in the international market. Or your "true caller" database has it on their server.
5. Do not do banking from cyber cafe or from any office coz they keep all your logs and data officially , trust me human mind can go corrupt.
6. Today, go to the settings option of your Gmail and check for any filters or any forwarding instructions being there.
7. Always use " Special Instructions " in the account opening form of the bank to write some unique instructions what Bank should look while processing payments. 
8. Do not keep lots of money in Dormant accounts.
9. Don't reveal banking details on any social media websites.
10. Enable 2 factor authentication in your Gmail account. 
11. Use a different browser for Internet banking like incognito or other.
12. Don't clock links blindly on any site or software  read the accompanying text and decide.
13. Save your bank URL as a bookmark and use that or ALWAYS type the bank URL. 
14. If u get a bank email asking u to visit or confirm something  by clicking a link.. make sure that the link goes to the bank website  (it must be bank dot com)
15. When you face a fraud, fight for your money and Pl. educate others too. Logo ki Dua mein bhi takaat hoti hai.
Happy Banking 🙏
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