Wednesday, May 14, 2014

DDoS Analysis for 2014-A Serious Risk

DDoS Analysis for 2014
DDoS attacks are evolving in complex, dangerous ways. Companies assessing their risk and protection should consider:
• Nearly twice as many companies (60 percent) report being attacked in 2013.
• Almost 92 percent of those attacked were hit repeatedly.
• 57% of DDoS targets were victims of theft: funds, customer data or intellectual property.
• Though attack duration is down, the number of attacks between 1–5 Gbps shot up nearly three times.
• DDoS drains manpower: over half of businesses (57 percent) need 6 or more people to mitigate DDoS attacks.
• Risks of $1M a day (estimated outage losses) are common: 4 in 10 companies would suffer this much or more.
• DDoS is costly across the enterprise. Customer service and other public-facing areas now take as large a hit as IT/Security.
In protecting against DDoS attacks, companies must ask: What do they stand to lose if they’re hit hard? Rigorous risk, threat and cost analysis is in order. 
Predicting DDoS is as unpredictable as the attacks themselves.

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