Thursday, September 26, 2013

Online Banking & Credit Card Fraud Advisory !!

Online Banking & Credit Card Fraud Advisory !!
After listening to plight of sufferers from various online and credit card banking related frauds and handling so many cases of fraud right from Rs. 15 thousand  to Rs. 52 Lakhs, i have humbly by experience come to following conclusion and Advisory
1. Every Net banking users should have two bank accounts
2. One in technology oriented banks like icici, hdfc,axis,yes,sbi etc with online banking option etc
3. One account in any other cooperative bank but balance up to Rs. 100000/- only na d if you want to have more balance at hand Rs. 1 lakh each in different trustworthy cooperative banks. Rest can be in fixed Deposits 
[ This is said coz RBI only insures up to 1 lakh i.e if the bank goes kaput up to 1lakh RBI will pay you]
4. In the technology oriented bank maintain only amount needed for handling online transactions as Bill payment or ticketing e.t.c
5. When ever required, money can be transferred to online banking account by cheque/DD/cash etc
6. Go back to your banks and check whether in your account opening form you have ticked for Online Banking or Mobile Banking , please untick the same
7. Please go to your bank immediately and ask them to issue chip based credit/debit cards to avoid cloning(this can take time but RBI had asked banks to do this by june 2013)
8. Any extra cash in the online banking account can be moved to Fixed deposits .
9. Avoid Mobile Banking / mobile payment gateway completely till standards, rules and regulations are formulated, take my word i m getting ready to handle mobile banking and payment related frauds as cases have started tickling. 
10. Even though i personally  hate handling cash, but in Indian markets cash still remains a king and various frauds in banking are asserting the faith in cash based economy again..
God Bless You by Lots of Money and Bless You further to Keep it safe safe and safe always

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