Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Malware to Steal your Credit or Debit Card Details

Your Ultimate Bank Money Stealer is Here.. 
A new malware is discovered called “Dump Memory Grabber,” which has already been used to steal debit and credit card information from customers using major US banks including Chase, Citibank and Capital One, The malicious code is evidently being installed directly into point-of-sale (POS) hardware (meaning registers or kiosks) and ATMs, and transmitting the harvested information straight out of the magnetic stripes on credit and debit cards - which includes everything from account numbers, to first and last names and expiration dates.
How are attackers infecting physical systems? It is your favourite USB drives are the likely culprits, as modern register systems often have accessible ports, as well as direct connections to the Web.
The harvested information is then used to produce cloned cards, and they are likely succeeding with the help of individuals with direct access to the POS systems and ATMs - which could include employees.
Please think twice where to use your credit and debit cards !!!!


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  2. This is a very informative blog about the debit card and its security.We have to be very aware about the security of such things because this fraud is so much on high today that no one can control it.


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